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"Steve Cichon: Goodbye & Good Luck"
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05/31/2013 9:23AM
Steve Cichon: Goodbye & Good Luck
Well Wishes for Steve Cichon
05/31/2013 9:31AM
bow to the bowtie
Steve- Love the look. Keep on tying. - Irving R. Levine, Andrew Rudnick ,Mark Russell & Pee-Wee Herman.
05/31/2013 9:47AM
Good Luck!
Good luck to a great friend! Come back and visit. This place won't be the same without your bowties.
05/31/2013 9:49AM
The Ultimate Newsman
For the love of radio, there is no better newsman than Steve Cichon.
05/31/2013 10:00AM
Sorry for Us
You'll be missed, Steve. Your voice always means the care was taken to tell the whole truth.
05/31/2013 10:11AM
Steve stole half of my Wegman's sub in 2008.
I was afraid to say anything about it while he was still here.- Greg Bauch
05/31/2013 10:14AM
Steve Cichon
Good Luck Steve you'll be missed
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