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Should one of these people lose their job?

Amherst Downsizing Forum Tonight

(WBEN) Amherst voters get to hear both sides of the downsizing debate tonight, ahead of Tuesday's special election to once again decide how big the town board should be.

In 2010, voters decided to cut back on the size of the town board in two stages, resulting in only five members by 2014.

Tuesday's election will decide whether to continue to implement the cuts and reduce the board to five members, or whether to continue with the current six

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Kevin Gaughan
Downsizing Activist 
Steven Sanders
Amherst Board Member

Amherst Board Member Steven Sanders will present arguments in favor of the current size, and a re-vote on the issue, while downsizing activist Kevin Gaughan, who first got the  issue  placed on the ballot two years ago, will counter.

The forum is at 6 pm in the Amherst Town Library on Audubon Parkway.

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