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"Why Do Pit Bulls Have Such a Bad Rap?"
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06/05/2013 6:09PM
Why Do PIt Bulls Have Such a Bad Rap?
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06/06/2013 11:49AM
Pit Bulls Have a Bad Rap Because of Bad/Stupid Owners
People that fight dogs are always on the lookout for mean-looking dogs - they are also not very intelligent people. And, unfortunately, the pit bull is not a cute/fuzzy small dog and ends up on the losing end. Once they've found their victim, they handle and treat the dog horribly so that's all the dog knows - he doesn't know compassion and love. Becaue of the owner, the dog then turns out mean and vicious through no fault of his own.
06/06/2013 3:16PM
Pitbulls have such a bad rap because
of people who are evil and abuse animals and people who are ignorant about the true gentle nature of pit bulls. If I were a victim of Michael Vick's and others like him, I would be the meanest b**** on two feet. A problem dog=a problem owner.
06/06/2013 3:32PM
A Pit Bull's bad rap.
A Pit Bull's bad rap comes from the scum of the earth who train them to be mean. Of ALL the dogs that Michael Vick had, I believe only FIVE were not adopted out to normal homes.
06/08/2013 4:02PM
Pitbulls have a bad rep because of idiots like Michael Vick
Pitbulls are the most loving/loyal/intelligent dogs. Pitbulls want to please their owners so badly that they let those no good dog fighters beat them to death when they lose a fight and never but never attack them. It is the spineless jerks that train these beautiful dogs to fight that destroy their reputation. I had a pitbull, to look into his eyes were my sunshine, he died in my arms at 13 years old from a short illness. I still cry for him.
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