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Time to Make the Donuts…Lots of Donuts! And…a Greek Festival Recap…Opa!

Did you get a donut with your Cup O’ Joe this morning? The sweet treat is being celebrated all over the country today on National Doughnut Day, as we commemorate a day that has its roots in the World War I era. The Salvation Army sent volunteers to France, where they made doughnuts for soldiers fighting on the front lines. In 1917, as a goodwill gesture, the group designated the first Friday of June National Doughnut Day.

When I stopped in for my java fix this morning at Tim Horton’s on Maple Road in Williamsville, the lines were long and donuts and Timbits were flying out the drive-through window and at the front counter.
Jean & Lauren
Jean and Lauren were in their usual multitasking roles, serving donuts, coffee and other drinks, sandwiches and more goodies. The #1 seller at this Tim Ho’s? The Vanilla Dip, with cream-filled donuts a close second.
The Chocolate Glazed and Sour Cream Timbits hit the spot for many customers. I love the Cherry Timbits and the Caramel Glazed (especially warmed) when I indulge in Bits. I figure that’s a good way to have my donuts and eat them too; the guilt with a full donut can wear on me if I indulge too often.
Here are a couple of ways to fill the trivia hole when it comes to donuts:
  • Canada has the highest number of doughnut shops per capita than any other nation on Earth.
  • The five biggest retail vendors -- Hostess, Bimbo Bakeries USA, private labels, Krispy Kreme and McKee Foods Corp. -- sold roughly $1.5 billion of packaged doughnuts (not including doughnut shop sales), according to market research firm IRI.
  • Entenmann’s has made more than 4 billion donuts – if you laid them end-to-end, you could wrap them around the earth almost 9 times!
  • At one time, more than 168 million pounds of chocolate have been used for Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts, enough to fill all of the Great Lakes.
Volunteers at Greek Fest
One of my favorite food fests, and a rite of spring, is the annual Greek festival held at the Hellenic Orthodox Church on Delaware Avenue at W. Utica last weekend.
Kudos to Athena Tsembelis and Al Koutsandreas, who co-chaired the annual event that celebrates Greek cuisine and culture and also serves as a fundraiser for the church. New menu items this year included Souvlaki on a Stick, Lamb Chops with a Greek Salad and for the kids, soft-serve ice cream and hot dogs.

More than 12,000 people had turned out when I arrived on Sunday afternoon. Organizers reported attendance that exceeded their expectations in spite of the rainy, cool weather conditions. The #1 seller was Chicken Souvlaki, delicious and healthy, as Athena describes it. My favorite is the moussaka, layers of eggplant, potatoes, beef and béchamel sauce.

Honey Balls - Greek Festival
Congratulations to the Gogos family, owners of The Plaka, in Kenmore. They won Best Rice Pudding in a very competitive category. It is creamy, addicting and oh so tasty!
As I saw people of all ages and ethnicities enjoying everything from Spanakopita to Souvlaki to Loukoumades (honey balls), I salute the volunteers who work so tirelessly each year to produce a fabulous and fun event!

06/07/2013 1:29PM
Time to Make the Donuts…Lots of Donuts! And…a Greek Festival Recap…Opa!
What is your favorite donut? Where is your go-to place? Do you prefer a whole donut or a Timbit or Munchkin?
06/07/2013 8:22PM
Crullers rule
Brenda, Give me crullers any day of the week. I can resist any other type of sweet but crullers!
06/07/2013 8:24PM
Plaka Greek Pudding
I order the Plaka's rice pudding every time I go there, even if it's for breakfast. They deserve to won.
06/07/2013 8:26PM
Miss Krispy Kreme
Nothing could match the warm donuts fresh from the oven at Krispy Kreme. With the way people eat here, can't believe they didn't make it here.
06/07/2013 8:28PM
They tasted different this year but I like them better than donuts. Wish I could get them every day not just once a year.
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