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Clarence Groups Unite For Budget Vote

Groups in the Town of Clarence who just last week were fighting each other over votes on the Clarence Schools budget are now joining forces.

Representatives from the groups Clarence Taxpayers, Keep Clarence Schools Great, and Citizens for Sustainable Schools, gathered across from Clarence High School Wednesday to urge the community to vote "yes" for the re-vote budget that will raise taxes over three percent.

"We do need to put out differences aside," said Lisa Thrun from Citizens for Sustainable Schools. "We know that we've got so much in common and that we really love our children, and we're going to make sure that they are going to have a quality education in the future."

Clarence Parent and leader of the new coalition Drew Czera says he thinks those looking to controll taxes also believe in kids.  "I think kids contribute so much to the community... it adds to [Clarence's] quality of life", says Cerza, who is working to get out the "yes" votes. 

A previous budget with proposed tax increases of nearly 10 percent failed to pass on May 21st.

The budget re-vote will be held at Clarence High School on June 18th.

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