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Buffalo Business Report - Thursday June 13, 2013

--The Town of Amherst faces a more than $3 million verdict after a jury ruled they wrongly pulled the plug on developer William Huntress's office park project on Wherle Drive in 2006. The town had placed a moratorium on development at that site, but a judge ruled they did not adequately publicize the move before Huntress's Acquest development bought the property. A jury awarded him 3.047 million saying the move violated his constitutional rights to equal protection and due process.

"The rediscovery of the moratorium in 2000 led to public apologies from Town officials. While it halted Acquest’s project, at least two other developments were allowed to move forward despite being built in violation of the moratorium. To correct its mistake, in 2001 the Town Board voted on Acquest’s behalf to request a waiver of the moratorium from the United States Environmental Protection Agency to allow the project to move forward." Acquests attorney's said in a prepared statement.

-- Business First says the outcome may be familiar, but the margin never so close as it once again awards Nardin Academy the top spot in its annual high school rankings for the fifth year straight, based on student performance and related yardsticks. Buffalo's City Honors placed second, but for the first time ever Nardin's win was by less than a full point. The academy of the Sacred Heart in Buffalo, East Aurora, and Williamsville round out the top five.

  Here's some of the announc ement from Business First:

"It's not something we talk about a lot," says Rebecca Reeder, principal of  the Catholic all-girls school. "It just seems to continue to happen. Our  students know they're going to be challenged and asked to produce good work. We're fortunate that they're so motivated and driven to succeed."

Yet this year's gap between Nardin and the runner-up, City Honors School of Buffalo, is just 0.51 points on Business First's 100-point scale. It's the first time that Nardin's margin of victory has been less than a full point.

Full details will be available in Business First's 2013-2014 Guide to Western New York Schools, which hits newsstands Highlights are also available right now at the newspaper's website: http://www.bizjournals.com/buffalo.


--The Western New York Regional Development Council, a planning arm of state government, has signed off on a request to develop a new training facility for manufacturing related jobs. The center would concentrate on welding, CNC machining, and other skills that area manufacturers say are in short supply around here.

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