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"Seneca Leaders, NY State Announce Gambling Deal"
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06/13/2013 5:06PM
Seneca Leaders, NY State Announce Gambling Deal
What are you thinking?
06/13/2013 5:14PM
Seneca Leaders, NY State Announce Gambling Deal
What a terrible deal!!!! Not only had NYS violated SNI Exclusivity in Compact Agreement, they STILL get to keep their RACINOS & get the millions they weren't entitled to!! A SAD DAY IN INDIAN COUNTRY for sure! :-(
06/13/2013 5:59PM
So the Senecas pick up an unexpected $209 million in damages for the state's violation of the Exclusivity Clause. Does that mean too that the state will now cease offering those disputed games at the Racinos? Was there an early agreement as regards the seven year Compact Extension option in 2016 as part of the deal? It would seem logical that there was such an agreement, otherwise the Senecas might just as well had let the whole thing go to an arbitration decision , which would likely have let them keep ALL of the $630 million, plus everything else they'd have made by the end of the original 16 year run.
06/14/2013 8:01AM
Do your deals...
The state is just beginning. The native caved and i wonder why. Let's see what happen when they start Fracking on native land...........go get that gas Oneida Seneca and dont pay the state squat.........let see how many legs they can find to stand big deal FRACKING.......or was that part of the deal that nobody is talking about.......we will see....
06/14/2013 8:18AM
mayor dyster
The mayor acted wisely in leaving the interview. Kane is obviously one of the new breed of journalists who find great pleasure in continuing a controversy instead of moving forward. Hopefully, wben will recognize his ineptness and not continually repeatthe brief encounter. Let it go and chalk it up to Kane's immaturity.
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