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No Strike Notice Given Yet

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Unions representing Kaleida employees spent 14 and a half hours yesterday negotiating a contract.

No agreement was reached, but the unions say they have not presented Kaleida with a ten day strike notice.

The unions say they did get a call from a federal mediator suggesting dates for next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Kaleida issued this statement in response:

“Management and labor met for 18 straight hours Thursday (June 13, 2013) in an effort to reach agreement on a new master bargaining agreement.   Both parties exchanged formal written proposals. Despite this effort and the assistance of a Federal mediator, we could not agree to the remaining economic terms.
In an effort to bring the parties closer to settlement, Kaleida Health enhanced its offer to labor. Management’s current proposal would add $27 million in new money to the workforce in the next two years.
We believe that we are offering a fair contract to our employees. Despite the many financial, operational and external challenges that Kaleida Health faces, we still have offers on the table that include proposed increases in wages, pension, benefits, shift differential, upgrades, paid time off and parking.
Our medical plan proposal includes decreases in employee health care contributions and out of pocket prescription drug costs plus incentivizes our workforce to utilize Kaleida Health physicians and facilities.  This would result in higher market share, more jobs and more stability for the organization.”
Management and labor are expected to resume bargaining next Tuesday, June 17, 2013.
Kaleida Health and the three unions have had 31 bargaining sessions since negotiations began in March 2013.
To date, the parties have reached tentative agreement on 143 articles, which represents the majority (90%) of the contract.
The master bargaining agreement between Kaleida Health and the three unions covers over 7,000 employees. It was a two year contract that expired at midnight on May 31, 2013.  The contract has been extended until June 21, 2013.