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"Peace Bridge Authority on the Clock"
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06/17/2013 6:47AM
Peace Bridge Authority on the Clock
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06/17/2013 7:52AM
Absolutely Wrong
Every new thing Assemblyman Ryan says demonstrates further his complete lack of knowledge of the issue. The Alexandria Bay/Thousand Islands crossing is not one shared bridge. There's a bridge in the US and there's a bridge in Canada. That's why the model works there. The PBA exists not to serve the US, not Canada, but the users of the bridge. Especially given the governor's "my way or the highway" approach to everything he does, it's difficult to see a scenario with two separate entities running the shared bridge being effective.
06/17/2013 10:40AM
Peace bridge
If we need a new bridge than work together to get it done. If being conscious of the environment and wild life is the concern the lets design a bridge with that in mind. The fact that it has those qualities would make the bridge special.
06/17/2013 11:35AM
Lack of progress at the Peace Bridge is not the fault of Canadians
Saying the lack of progress on the Peace Bridge is the fault of Canadians is ridiculous and anyone who has followed the issue for a few years knows that. It was Americans who filed injunctions and lawsuits and fought the PBA who stopped the twin span and stopped progress on the U.S. plaza. The Canadian plaza was rebuilt and looks beautiful because Canadians did not fight the PBA's plans. The fact Cuomo, Grisanti and Ryan are saying the opposite is an insult to Canadians and it shows their lack of knowledge on the issue.
06/18/2013 1:31PM
PBA is corrupt and should go...
The Public Bridge Authority is to blame. The PBA got too comfy with Canada from the start; going 20 years back and stating that we couldn't have a new Signature Bridge because of the Canadians (and the Fort Erie seal - yes, that's what they said.) The Authority knew better to get in bed with a town the size of Fort Erie v. a City like Buffalo. Well, that was there biggest mistake. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. This whole issue would not exist today had the Authority just built a beautiful Signature Bridge. Instead, they chose to corrupt way; teaming up with their contractors/consultants/Parsons - just follow the money folks. The maintenance contracts on the existing bridge are a cash cow... who is getting kick backs to keep the archaic bridge around? You want blame? Blame it on the Authority... and yes, blame it on the Canadians. How long have we been hearing about the deck on the bridge? 20 years now - and they still haven't done anything to it... Follow the money
06/18/2013 10:12PM
when people speak they should know all the facts
This comment is on target but to take it one step further the Thousand Island Bridge Authority is still a single authority that manages the bridge versus Ryan's argument that NFTA can manage US side and a Canadian entity can manage Canadian side. Furthermore, you are dealing with multiple bridge spans. In addition the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority does not manage either of the plazas. GSA owns the US plaza and Public Works Canada owns the Canadian plaza. Ryan is spinning things to back his points without disclosing the full facts and details. Finally, Ryan states that the Authority must work together, but that is difficult to do when you have 5 US members who will not even vote to approve the minutes. Mr. Ryan continues to point the fingers at the Canadian board members but it takes two sides to get along and much of the US plaza delays are due to local US side politics.
06/18/2013 10:18PM
know your facts part II
a plan for a new bridge fell into the pit of WNY because of the impact to the migratory patterns of the common tern. That's right NY said no b/c of birds that fly down the river might not no to fly higher and avoid the bridge. And as for the deck, it was NYS Comptroller DiNapoli who issued a report a couple of years ago after the bridge over Lake Champlain collapsed that stated the Peace Bridge was in a dangerous state and needed re-decking immediately. It was the Buffalo and Fort Erie Bridge Authority that stated they had a few years before re-decking was needed. Just because you hear someone say something doesn't make it true.
06/19/2013 11:16AM
get your facts right part 3
the comment about the birds is "for the birds." NY state didn't say jack about birds - it was the Authority that created these fake arguments about birds and ancient burial grounds. Regarding re-decking - the PBA used this excuse 20 years ago - saying we need to expedite plans to "twin" (and I use that term loosely cuz it never actually twinned the bridge) so that re-decking can take place. Well, 20 years later, same old deck - same old lies - same old troublemakers. The PBA is corrupt and must go... The PBA bought Canada - and now 20 years of inactivity on the US side - we are fed up. Cuomo is right: “My whole point here is enough is enough. Everybody’s been talking, everybody has an opinion, newspapers have an opinion, politicians have an opinion, everybody argues, nothing happens. It’s been going on for 20 years, let’s be honest. So, could you now slow the progress, no, because you’re not making any progress, so there’s nothing to slow. My point is the exact opposite, let’s do something,” said Cuomo.
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