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Buffalo Sees Big Drop in Graduation Rates

Buffalo, NY (AP/WBEN) Officials say New York state's high school graduation rate held steady at 74 percent for the first class of students required to meet stricter graduation requirements. Buffalo Public Schools saw a big drop.

The state education department released graduation rates for the class of 2012 on Monday. Students who entered high school in 2008 were the first who didn't have the option of graduating with a so-called local diploma, meaning they had to earn a Regents diploma requiring them to pass five Regents exams.

Four of the Big 5 districts posted graduation rates slightly lower than in 2011, but Buffalo saw its rate drop by more than 7 percentage points to just under 47 percent. New York City's rate was 60 percent. Yonkers held at 66 percent while Syracuse was at 48 percent and Rochester 43 percent.

Superintendent Pamela Brown issued the following statement:

Upon my arrival in Buffalo, I learned that the District's graduation rate from 2011-2012 was around 48% based on preliminary results.  In response to that, the District immediately implemented several strategies in order to improve our graduation rate, including the following:

Creating a College-going Culture through:

Setting an aggressive target of an 80% graduation rate by 2018 
Informing the community about Say Yes scholarships 
Ensuring that all graduating seniors apply for college and scholarships

Improving Instruction through:

Providing professional development for all staff 
Conducting Instructional Rounds in all schools 
Increasing access to student data for early intervention 

Interventions for Struggling Students through:

Providing after-school academic programs 
Providing a Credit Recovery program 
Offering Summer School for all students 

With these key strategies in place, we are very optimistic that increased graduation rates will follow.  As always, it is our goal to provide a world-class education for every child.


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