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Cheektowaga Wants to Lower Grass Height Limit

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) A pair of town lawmakers want to lower the acceptable height for grass in the Town of Cheektowaga.

Right now, the limit is 10 inches, but Charlie Merkel and Stan Kaznowski want to lower the limit to six inches before the town issues a notice to the property owner, and after five days hires a contractor to do the cutting.

"This year with all the rain we've had, after five days, we're looking at 14-15 inches before we can cut it," says Merkel. "What this does is help maintain the property quicker and help maintain the property value in the neighborhood."

Merkel says the problem is not with residents living in the homes too lazy to mow their lawn. "It's where people have walked away from the homes, and the banks are maintaining them and with the rain we've been having, we're dealing with about 300 properties," explains Merkel.

It also means dealing with another problem: animals. "We have rats in some areas. People are complaining about skunks," says Merkel. "I maintain a cemetery, and we've dealt with woodchucks."

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