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"Clarence School Budget Re-Vote Passes by Wide Margin"
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06/18/2013 9:47PM
Clarence School Budget Re-Vote Passes by Wide Margin
Are you happy the Clarence budget passed?
06/19/2013 8:25AM
If an initial vote is "Passed" is there an opportunity for the voters to have a re-vote to see if they can get a NO for the budget??? Seems only fair!!
06/19/2013 9:38AM
What did we learn here today kids?
That the District will continue to increase taxes (I wrote them a check for $3700 this year) and continue to pay ridiculous salaries and benefits for 9 months of work. No lesson learned- just keep raising the taxes so the teachers get the benefit. But,its all about the kids which is why we need to cut their programs. If this budget didn't pass, 10 additional teachers would have lost their job to make up for the $1.47 million short fall. Do the math- quite a salary.
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