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"Biden vows to `beat the gun lobby' and pass laws"
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06/19/2013 8:27AM
Biden vows to `beat the gun lobby' and pass laws
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06/19/2013 9:25AM
Go Joe Biden!
The "gun lobby" should be more accurately called the "criminal lobby" because that's who they represent. Common sense will eventually win out over the bloodthirsty craven gun fetishists.
06/21/2013 6:19AM
Commie Joe
Don't like the Constitution of The United States Of America ? Europe Awaits You.
06/21/2013 10:56AM
Joe Biden doesn't represent the people as he pretends
Joe Biden can pretend people are for gun restrictions all he wants, but as your story about Senate President John Morse illustrates, the real people have different ideas. Real people vote; pretend people don't.
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