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Architects to Talk Waterfront Stadium Today

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) An architectural group that has built sports complexes in major cities will come to Buffalo to convince lawmakers and others of a waterfront stadium.

Architects from the HKS firm will come to Burchfield Penney Auditorium to bolster the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex's bid for a waterfront home of the Bills. This firm has worked on major complexes in ciiies like Detroit, Minneapolis, Oakland and Indianapolis.

 George Hasiotis, the chief operating officer of the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex group that wants to develop the project says the waterfront proposal is the best possible site for a new football stadium.

But he notes, it will be more than just a home for the gridiron.

"Just football is a losing proposition. We'll have an operating sports museum, we can host NCAA basketball, soccer, and it will be a cultural center," explains Hasiotis.

For those concerned about parking issues, Hasiotis says the experts have dealt with more complex and more dense urban patterns while building sports complexes in larger cities, and will explain Wednesday how parking and traffic will be resolved on the Waterfront.

Hasiotis says the waterfront stadium "is the only viable proposal that will generate jobs immediately. We're talking up to 10,000 jobs a year and it will take eight years to build the stadium. Then in a few years, we could get the Super Bowl."

The presentation takes place at 11am.

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