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Schumer Surveys Lockport Damage

Senator Charles Schumer was in Lockport today, surveying the areas damaged by last weeks floods in an effort to get federal aid money that would help homeowners and local businesses.

It is estimated that over 600 homes and several other small businesses were damaged in the flood. The total cost of the damage in Lockport is estimated to be over seven million dollars.

"For decades, Western New Yorkers have sent money when there were floods in the Missouri valley or hurricanes in Florida or forest fires in the west. Now when we have damage, we expect the same kind of help and I believe that will happen" Schumer said.

New York State Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy was also in Lockport. He said that Governor Andrew Cuomo has added Niagara county to his list of declared emergencies.

"Once the Governor adds this as a disaster area, that means we can get the FEMA teams here, we can get the assessment, and that means we can start getting the federal dollars rolling" Schumer said. "We are not asking, and shouldn't ask, the state or locality to pay for this, it's FEMA."

Schumer said that he expects FEMA to begin surveying the damage within the next few days.