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Lake Effect Snow Warning: Chau. & Catt; Advisory in Orleans & Allegany

The National Weather Service has removed southern Erie County from it's LAKE EFFECT SNOW WARNING  but areas in the Southern Tier  continue to get heavy snow.  SEE SCHOOL CLOSINGS
"The city of Buffalo definitely lucked out if you are someone who doesn't like shoveling,"
   -National Weather Service Meteorologist Kirk Apfel.

Chautauqua & Cattaraugus:   4 -8 in Fri., 3- 6 in. Fri. night., 4 - 7 in Saturday. Bands will shift southeast and Allegany and Orleans Counties are s now under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory.
INSIDE: Larger Radar | READ The Warning & Advisory | School CLOSINGS


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When it comes to lake effect snow.....
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  As long as it stays in the southern tier where it belongs!
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