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"Put that cell phone down: Major Crackdown on Texting and Driving"
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07/04/2013 7:15AM
Put that cell phone down: Major Crackdown on Texting and Driving
Do you text and drive?
07/05/2013 6:15AM
See it every day
People just don't care. It's a ME world and their text is more important than anything. How many accidents are caused over an OMG or WTF? I have been cut off in traffic by texters as well as watched them fly through a red light because they are intent on that all important text. The 5 points on their license will be nothing when they cause a fatal injury to someone with their self centered actions.
07/05/2013 11:05AM
Right... Just what we need. The government driving around in vehicles taller than average so they can peer into my privacy while I am driving. I think I'll just voluntarily stop and let them look into my vehicle and do whatever they want. Totalnonsense.
07/05/2013 2:22PM
Hey Awesome
If you are not texting you have nothing to worry about from them looking in your vehicle from above unless you are fondling your pride and joy. Texting drivers are as bad as drunks and feel so entitled that they are the only one that matters. I see texting drivers daily and they are a menace on the roads.
07/06/2013 10:49AM
Hey ignorant...
Unbelievable. My comment was a principled comment about privacy and the government driving around in unmarked vehicles looking in to my vehicle. And you make a snarky sexual remark. Intellectual high-brow that you are. The "if you are not doing anything you have nothing to worry about" is a lame ignorant argument. Your comments are ignorant. You have no proof of anything. Only your opinion. How do you even now that a man wrote the comment. Are you a feminist? Do you think men drive around fondling themselves all the time? Pretty much everyone on the road is a menace. No one can drive properly to begin with. Personally, I think you should stop periodically at every police station and let them look inside your vehicle.
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