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"Hoskins GUILTY of Animal Cruelty"
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07/08/2013 6:51PM
Hoskins GUILTY of Animal Cruelty
What do you think of the verdict?
07/08/2013 8:24PM
Guilty of Animal Cruelty
Now she needs to be sentenced to prison. . .not jail!!!
07/08/2013 10:54PM
justice has prevailed...
07/09/2013 12:57AM
Money can't buy everything
It is about time we saw the law work for justice and not just for a chosen few
07/09/2013 11:08AM
A nice LONG sentence
I hope she gets the max time for each of the 52 counts and they are to run CONSECUTIVELY!
07/09/2013 1:35PM
I'm sure she was well meaning but...
The road to h e double hockey sticks is paved with good intentions.
07/09/2013 2:10PM
Blatant disrespect for Judge Marky
Is her ego so inflated that she still thinks she is above the law? Judge Marky found her guilty based on evidence. To refer to a Judge as one person with one opinion, is disgraceful and delusional. This Judge will be imposing a sentence on her. Not toosmart Beth...why do her lawyers let her in front of cameras?
07/09/2013 10:21PM
Thankyou SPCA
Thankyou to the SPCA for doing what they do! Life is better for us and the animals they help. I hope Hoskins is forgotten about after sentencing, you know, like her horses were. Prison is needed in this case. Hoskins is a joke.
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