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Paladino's Agenda Reaches School Board Today

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo School Board will hold its first full meeting today, and newly elected member Carl Paladino is bringing 32 reform items to the agenda, just days after being sworn in.

Don't look for Paladino to ease slowly into his latest role .

The outspoken developer has prepared a list of 32 issue items, including 22 motions, that he intends to present at the board's first regular meeting on Wednesday. One of them is a call for Superintendent Pamela Brown's resignation or dismissal.

He says he also wants to restructure board meetings because the "feel-good" items that start the meetings now leave observers "yawning and catatonic" by the time important issues come up.

Paladino won the Republican nomination for governor in 2010, losing in the general election to Andrew Cuomo. He was elected to the school board in May.

  Buffalo Teachers Federation president Phil Rumore says he agrees with Paladino on summer programs for kids, but he doesn't agree with all the items on his agenda. Rumore's bigger concern, however, is Paladino's tone entering today's meeting.

"I find some of the rhetoric he uses, the hand grenades he throws, I'd wish he'd say to the board, 'Here are some of my ideas, do they make sense to you? If not, why not, and what can we do to work together?'" notes Rumore. He feels name calling won't get anything accomplished. "He's called the board names, he says the superintendent lies, I've committed a crime, it's not necessary. If you read some of his letters, they're pretty harsh."

Rumore is not thrilled with Paladino's call to remove Superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown in his first meeting as board member. "It's very premature," says Rumore. "Unless you've really worked with the person and spent some time with them, it doesn't make sense. We've never had a perfect superintendent, a perfect union president, and certainly not a perfect school board member."

 Here's the agenda items released by Paladino, In advance of Wednesday's board session:

Paladino's 7 -10-13 resolutions by stan716

Paladino Motions & Issues Addendum by stan716

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