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Skyway Closed Tuesday Morning for Filming

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Skyway will be closed for a few hours Tuesday, but not for construction, an accident, or a blizzard. There will be filming going on.

Tim Clark with the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission is restricted from giving details because of non-disclosure agreements. But he addresses the question of whether a big name star will be a part of this. "There's a big assumption a big name celebrity will be filming. I like to characterize it as the talent of the production who will be filming," says Clark.

The Skyway is expectred to be closed until 2pm, but Clark says crews hope to be done sooner.

Clark hopes people will get used to street closures and parking restrictions as a result of filming in the Buffalo Niagara region. "When it's over, Buffalo will be the big beneficiary as the world will see what the community looks like in chamber of commerce weather.".

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