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"WBEN Extra: Race Relations in WNY"
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07/16/2013 9:05AM
Are race relations improving?
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07/16/2013 11:57AM
Irony of ironies
This from a right wing outlet that gives us vile racist Limbaugh every day. You people are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Good thing American demographics are leaving you Archie Bunkers behind.
07/17/2013 12:17AM
The Assumption of Guilt
Part of the issue with racism is those who actively look for it and seek to see it in every word and deed. Making the assumption that this is what motivates someone is negative profiling and must also stop. I am positively sickened that a challenge may be made to this verdict. Why have a justice system in place if we won't accept the outcome? As a white woman, I hold no issue with any race I can think of. However, I do take issue with anyone who would make the assumption that I am biased because of the color of MY skin. We must all lower our guard, begin to reach out and trust, and see the ill of perpetuating the belief that racism motivates all actions. My forefathers weren't even in this country at the time of slavery, yet I am to be held up as the devil? Innocent until proven guilty has always been one of the main tenets of American justice. I will not give an opinion on the guilt or innocence of Mr. Zimmerman since I do not have the facts that the jurors were privy to. We need to begin to trust our system, and start trusting one another. The past is the past, and although it was never mine, I am stuck with the consequences of it. I hope to see that change in my lifetime.
07/17/2013 9:41AM
Wow Limbaugh sure covered himself in glory Tuesday.
This is 2013 and you people are still spewing racist filth over our airwaves. To be fair, not all right wing tea party Republicans are racist. But all racists are right wing tea party Republicans.
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