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Buffalo 6th Best Place to Chill in Summer

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) It doesn't feel like it now, but Western New York has one of the best places in the country to chill out in the summertime.

Bert Sperling with Bestplaces.net ranks Buffalo-Niagara Falls sixth in the list of 351 US metropolitan areas when it comes to being comfortable in the summer months.

The ranking is based on the Sperling Heat Index to identify the places with the desirable combination of moderate daytime temps, low humidity, and cool temperatures at night. That has Buffalo at an average high temperature of 80.3 degrees, average low of 60.0 degrees, average dewpoint of 59.3, and average humidity of 49 percent.

Seattle tops the list. Click on the above link to see the complete list.

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Locations : BuffaloNew YorkSeattleWestern New York
People : Bert Sperling
07/19/2013 12:14PM
Buffalo 6th Best Place to Chill in Summer
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