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Pridgen Calls for Block Club Training

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A member of the Buffalo Common Council is introducing a resolution calling on training of block clubs in the event they encounter a suspicious person. Reverend Darius Pridgen says this is in light of the Trayvon Martin case.

Pridgen says the training would be required by the end of the year "that deals with education and how to approach the public against racial profiling and some other areas of concern." Pridgen says that training would include when to call 911 and listening to 911 dispatcher's instructions.

He says a number of city departments including human rights division and police would create a training module, "so we can look at what are the best practices as far as how do you deal with a person deemed as suspicious in your neighborhood."

Pridgen says there have not been any incidents similar to the Martin case in Buffalo, and he wants to keep in that way. "We want to stay above this issue," explains Pridgen.

If the resolution passes in the council, all newly-formed block clubs would be required to undergo this training.

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