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Stormy Night Brings End to Heat

Buffalo, NY(WBEN) - a stormy night across the Buffalo area signaled the end of a week long heat wave.   Waves of severe thunderstorms crossed the area Friday evening leaving power out in spots and some intersections flooded. 

The strongest storms and rain targeted northern Erie and southern Niagara Counties where the heavy rainfall was measured in inches.   The sky was also lit up with spectacular busts of lightning.  

Canalfest in North Tonawanda was interrupted by the storms and along Buffalo's Outer Harbor, the Tragically Hip concert ended early,  sending some 11,000 people on their way on a stormy night.  Organizers say the concert will be made up later in the summer.  

Additional storms and windy conditions are expected through midday today as cooler and less humid weather settles in. 

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