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"Less UB, More NY?"
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07/22/2013 11:22AM
Less UB, More NY?
What do you think of UB's new marketing plan?
07/22/2013 11:54AM
This is University at Buffalo
This is the University at Buffalo not University at New York. Locals don't like to be considered being part of NY state and much rather be associated with Buffalo. Don't like the new NY marketing plan. Maybe try in in NY city.
07/22/2013 2:11PM
UB Alum
This is the State University of New York and it should be branded that way all the time. You go outside this area and all Buffalo is known for is Blizzards and cold. New York is known all around the world. Ask an international student why they are here and they will tell you 'I thought I was going to NYC' That is the way we are listed internationally and Buffalonians need to get out of the stone age and let people who actually understand how marketing works deal with the brand decisions. If Alums complain they can keep there UB and I can use the New York State name to help distinguish my degree like I have been doing for years. Send out an email and ask your friends in other states if they would rather go to the State University of New York or the University at Buffalo and you will see why including Buffalo as our brand is dumb.
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