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"Downstate Lawmaker Wants to Ban Smoking in Cars--With Kids Inside"
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07/22/2013 5:53PM
Downstate Lawmaker Wants to Ban Smoking in Cars--With Kids Inside
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07/23/2013 7:50AM
Too Far
In your Vehicle or your own home is your domain, And you still have rights even if you are a smoker, Which I am not, Lets drop this politically correct BS and get the government out of our lives
07/23/2013 11:42AM
smoking ban
i quit smoking,but it was my choice,not the nanny state.
07/23/2013 11:55AM
Smoking ban in cars
tooooooooooo much government intrusion! I don't smoke. I don't like government telling me that I can't do something or that I must do something.
07/23/2013 1:48PM
Please explain why you should have the "right" to abuse a minor in your own car?
07/24/2013 1:27PM
I know two adults that smoked in there car knowing there children had asthma She was always taken them to the emergency room for breathing problems
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