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What's Next in Turning Around Failing Buffalo Schools?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The public meetings are over, and now Buffalo School board members have work to do, deciding how to turn around two failing high schools. There's not much time either.

Board member Jim Sampson says those blaming the state have it wrong. "We really have to understand the district has not been able to advance turnaround plans that are acceptable for three years," says Sampson, referring to efforts to improve East and Lafayette's performances.

A special school board meeting is set for next Wednesday, when Sampson and other board members will vote on the administration's plan to turn the schools around. Sampson personally prefers a three-pronged approach. "BOCES takes over the schools, reporting directly to the school board, providing students the opportunity to take BOCES classes, and retain staff development from Johns Hopkins," suggests Sampson.

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