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State Assesses Niagara Falls Damage

Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) - For the past two days the New York State Department of Financial Services has been set up outside of City hall in Niagara Falls to assist people looking to assess damage caused by last week's storm.

What might have looked like just another thunder storm to some last Friday ended up causing severe damage to others.

That was the case for one Niagara Falls resident. "Last week's storm was ridiculous," she said. "I have wires still down in front of my household. My washer, dryer, hot water tank and furnace are all damaged."

"My next door neighbor got a foot of water, and the house next to him got nothing" another Falls woman said referring to the randomness of the storm.

The storm last Friday came quickly, giving many residents little chance to prepare for the damage to come.

"We were just outside, enjoying a bar-b-que, and listening to music throughout the day and all the sudden it just started raining out of the blue, and you look outside and a tree is down" said another Falls resident.

George Haggerty is the Deputy Secretary of Financial Services, he said that over 650 people came looking for assistance yesterday alone. He said the state is looking to help people in two areas. "One is advice in connection with insurance and claim issues, and the other is assessment. We're assessing to see what types of damages people sustained and where they are."

The Financial Services Department said that over 650 people came looking for assistance yesterday. Their command unit will be open through Thursday night.

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