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West Nile Discovered in Erie County

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The first West Nile Virus case this season has been detected.

Erie County Health officials say two pools of mosquitoes which have tested positive for West Nile Virus were found in Amherst. So far, no one has tested positive in either the county or the state.

“Adults should use an insect repellent containing 30-50% DEET to keep mosquitoes away, while children over two months of age can use a repellant with 10-30% DEET. We should be most aware of mosquitoes during the evening hours when their activity is heightened, and try to wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants if outside at those times. Also, homeowners can eliminate the mosquito burden on their properties by dumping out any standing water, cleaning clogged gutters, and changing the water in bird baths and planter bases every two days,” says Health Commissioner Dr. Gale Burstein.

Burstein recommends maintaining swimming pools by chlorinating and filtering; keeping pool covers drained of any standing water; maintaining ornamental ponds by stocking them with fish and using bubblers and fountains, which prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs; turning over containers, buckets, and wading pools to eliminate standing water; removing used tires from property; and repairing window and door screens as necessary.

Burstein adds, “When people are outside, they should use common sense and stay away from the environments mosquitoes thrive in: stagnant, standing water, tall grass, and shrubbery. These places provide protection for mosquitoes and should be avoided. Please remember to protect the immune-compromised, the elderly, and the very young as well, as they are at a higher risk from mosquito bites. Appropriate dress, insect repellent, and staying away from mosquito environments are good ways to avoid getting bitten.”

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