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Eden native Greg Stuhr, seen at the Ellicott Square Building, in the trailer for "The American Side"

PICTURES: "The American Side" Filming In Buffalo

The latest movie to film in the Greater Buffalo Niagara region is a thriller called "The American Side", in town for the next several weeks.

" 'There are three sides to every story... the truth, the lie and the American Side.'

In 1943, inventor Nikola Tesla died penniless in the New Yorker Hotel. Within 24 hours, the U.S. government seized everything in his room... but one design was already missing.

Seventy years later, in Buffalo, NY, a brilliant young engineer has found it. And the only person she can trust is a low-rent detective with a pack-a-day habit"

---  from the trailer and publicity material for "The American Side"

(WBEN) Filming is underway in and around Buffalo for "The American Side," a movie written by and featuring Eden native Greg Stuhr, along with Matthew Broderick, Janeane Garofalo and Tim Blake Nelson.

Filming on Monday concentrated on areas around Pearl St in downtown Buffalo but the trailer also includes shots of Niagara Falls, the Ellicott Square building and the nature trails of Woodlawn Beach . Most of Tuesday's work is being done  inside the Butler Mansion on Delaware and North Streets  SEE PICTURES BELOW


In the past six months, Buffalo and Niagara Falls has provided the backdrop for a filming of The History Channel's Top Gear  program,  Melissa McCarthy & Susan Sarandon's upcoming "Tammy," and Director Malcolm Lee's scheduled Thanksgiving release of "The Best Man Holiday"   MORE MOVIE COVERAGE:  See the History Channel Shoot | The Best Man Holiday Trailer Features Buffalo | Melissa McCarthy Comes to Niagara Falls | SYFY Channel Shoots at the Central Terminal (See VIDEO) 

 ´╗┐WBEN Photos of Tuesday's "The American Side" Filming at The Butler Mansion
If you have any shots to share, send them to newsroom@wben.com


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