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Is It Fair To Sack Drew Brees On His Take-Out Tip?

Saints QB Drew Brees is getting sacked by a lot of people who are criticizing the New Orleans field general for a paltry $3 tip on a take-out order. It happened recently at a Chinese restaurant in San Diego and before you could say “Sean Payton,” the receipt with his tip and signature was leaked to a website where it went viral. Brees tipped $3 on the carry out bill of $74.41 bill.
Brees responded by defending himself on Twitter:

I’m with Brees on this one. I tip 20% for good service at sit-down eateries and a couple bucks for take-out, appreciating how difficult it is to deal with the public, be efficient without being intrusive, and deal with both customers and their own kitchen staff.
I can’t see tipping more than what Brees did for his order. If anything, my issue is with the bonehead who promptly turned around and placed it on the World Wide Web. Why embarrass the guy in a cheap attempt to get publicity? If I were Brees, it would be the last time I stepped foot in that establishment.

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08/01/2013 12:30PM
Is It Fair To Sack Drew Brees On His Take-Out Tip?
Do you tip on take-out orders? What do you usually tip when you’re dining at a sit-down restaurant?
08/01/2013 12:41PM
As a server, I can say that it's actually a very pleasant surprise when I get a tip on a take-out order. With that said, while it is a nice gesture, it is by NO MEANS mandatory or even common practice; most any server will tell you that. Compared to serving a sit-down table, there is a lot less work that goes into the take-out process. Thus, it's not really customary to leave a standard tip (or any tip at all, for that matter). In my opinion, it's pretty safe to say that the employee in question was just trying to stir up some good old-fashioned "Haves v. Have Nots" controversy.
08/01/2013 2:01PM
I Agree
I'm a former waitress so I completely agree with the person who made the "Tipping" comment above. Very well written.
08/01/2013 2:20PM
Why should I tip?
Brees was generous with even a $3 tip. I don't see why putting food in a box and a bag requires a tip.
08/01/2013 2:21PM
No privacy
It's a shame that people use Twitter or any other social media for stuff like this. Celebrities have almost no privacy.Brees did nothing wrong.
08/01/2013 2:25PM
I don't have a 20 million dollar per year contract... but how much are you really supposed to tip for a chinese food pick up?
08/01/2013 3:11PM
Sorry...when I go to pick up and carry out, there's no tipping involved...wait staff and delivery men, yes...counter people no..sorry thems the breaks...
08/01/2013 3:27PM
On the topic of tipping, Patrick Kane tipped a girl at the Glen Oak golf course $100.00 and she didn’t even know who he was! I am sure that being a cute 18 yr old helped!
08/01/2013 5:26PM
Bren. I saw the story on the news and was shocked at first but then heard it was take out. $ 3 to hand a bag over the counter is a good tip.
08/02/2013 12:55AM
I think this is indicative of too many who expect to paid more than their agreed upon wage just for showing up and doing the job they were hired to do. If I were the manager of the person who “leaked” the receipt I would dismiss them in short order.This was discussed on The Talk show today Julie Chen said she over tips just because she is a celeb and afraid she would be criticized if she doesn’t…Really. Another point, why is this news?
08/02/2013 9:47AM
Can't believe how this thing went viral and turned into big news. I agree with the above comments.
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