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"Controversy Surrounds Erie County Fair Vendors"
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08/06/2013 3:39PM
Controversy Surrounds Fair Vendors
Do you think the Erie County Fair should allow SCOPE to have a presence?
08/06/2013 4:15PM
I don't know. I don't know what to make of it.
08/06/2013 5:30PM
if you don;t follow a private organizations rules and get turned can cry political discrimination...get a life.
08/06/2013 5:45PM
Delaney's Statement Not Accurate
For years our organizations (Erie County Conservation Society, Erie County Federation of Sportsman's Clubs), have been handing out stickers in the Conservation building. Delaney is also banning the "Repeal the Safe Act" signs from display by ANY GROUP in the Conservation building. So existing vendors cannot display them. What is his answer to that????
08/06/2013 9:04PM
Re: Erie County Fair Vendors
** I am a yearly visitor to the Outdoor Sportsman's Conservation Building at the Erie County Fair. I have seen & participated in & purchased items from many Booths within this Conservation Building which, for many consecutive years of this Fair, has housed among its many Booths, The Shooters Committee On Political Education (S.C.O.P.E.). I see, each year, at S.C.O.P.E.'s booth at the Erie County Fair only efforts to educate the general public about the Safe & Legal uses of Firearms for Sporting, Hunting, & Self-Defense. Their monthly meetings are always open to the Public. In all my years of interaction in the Conservation Building amongst all their booths of various Outdoor Sporting interests, I have never seen or known Scope's booth to sell or distribute any items of questionable integrity that could be of a danger to children's safety. I have children in my family that we,too, want kept safe. I continue to see Scope's fundraising actions both legally & morally correct in their efforts for the public interest. I see S.C.O.P.E.'s intentions over the years continue to remain focused with integrity, toward assisting the general public in their seeking of reliable & helpful Knowledge & Information for Sporting & Self-Defense use of Firearms. S.C.O.P.E. -the Shooter's Committee On Political Education, was established in The early-1960's. Please, any persons questioning the reputation & integrity of SCOPE'S actions, DO take notice that S.C.O.P.E. is about to celebrate 50 years of continuously providing, free, Its services to the needs of the General Public.
08/07/2013 1:59AM
Erie County fair is Bias
Yes, Scope should be there,And just in the statement made by Lou Ann,Delany regarding Children shows the bias attitutide of the fair. My Family will mt be attending this year
08/07/2013 8:25AM
08/07/2013 8:52AM
Paul Ranney
No they should not for one thing they are way too lake to apply the application for that.They have never let anybody had out stickers or put up poster of any kind.And its not about politics at all. Rules are rules grow up and go by them.
08/07/2013 9:27AM
You can always count on right wingers
to whine and play the self-victimhood card, and to grossly misinterpret the First and Second Amendments. Answer: NO. The ECF is a private enterprise and they can do as they wish -- if they feel letting in undesirables will affect the bottom line, then they can exclude said undesirables. (Are you brave enough to let this comment through WBEN intern?)
08/07/2013 10:37AM
I think the ERIE County Fair ought to allow SCOPE to have a presence
The NY Safe act is a joke....the SCOPE organizatin is doing the right thing in their attempt to get the safe act repealed. I think they should be given a free booth, afforded the opportunity to distribute literature that suports their mission and this cause, Birch Beer
08/07/2013 1:29PM
Conservative Paranoia....what a SHOCKER!
Poor conservatives, everybody's always out to get them! As usual, they cannot follow rules and cry they're being persecuted instead. Why are conservatives so afraid of everything? The vast majority of people in this country manage to get through life without owning a firearm, but these chicken-little's FEAR a boogie-man around every corner, so they FEAR that someone will try to take away their wittle blanket----I mean guns! Sadly, WBEN seems to be pandering more and more to this lunatic fringe than ever before. As a result, I listen less and less.
08/07/2013 1:35PM
RE Birch Beer
It would be an improvement over the John Birch Kool-Aid you people have been drinking since January 20, 2009.
08/07/2013 4:03PM
Who is that?
Who is the homeless guy thumbs-upping the fatbody's sign?
08/07/2013 4:14PM
As far as sticker distribution goes, I understand that all other groups have been asked not to distribute stickers this year due to vandalism.
08/07/2013 6:10PM
let's see. First they will search everything you have as you enter the fairgrounds. Then they want to ban protests against the unconstitutional ruling that prevents the common citizen from protecting himself from the very elements the authoritiesare trying to keep out of the fair in the first place. Very interesting 360 degrees, wouldn't you say??
08/08/2013 7:48AM
Headline: "Controversy Surrounds Erie County Fair Vendors"
WRONG there's no controversy just a bunch of whining from the usual shut-ins. Hats off to the ECF for doing the right thing.
08/08/2013 8:40AM
See ya
Next year
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