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"Buffalo Teachers Crying Over Spilt Milk?"
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08/07/2013 1:37PM
Buffalo Teachers Crying Over Spilt Milk?
What do you think of the teacher's protest?
08/07/2013 11:48PM
What a Joke this Guy is.......
If Phil cared more about the students then the BREAKFAST program, we probably wouldn't be worried about a 60% drop in state testing grades..Boy cant believe you educated teachers allow this farce to lead your organization ..what a joke this guy is.....
08/08/2013 8:48AM
Lazy Parents
I think this is a case of LAZY Parents , expecting the school system to feed their kids , & IF somehow this passes, I think the teacher should shut the heck up already , the more money you make doesn't seem to be making the kids ANY smarter.
08/08/2013 11:44AM
why are the Buffalo public schools responsible for feeding somones child.
Rediculous. Parents! If you tink somone should be responsible for your children. Wake up! Grow up! teachers are paid to teach your children. Teachers are not your servants. Go to bed early! Wake up early and fix your child a healthy breakfast! Understood! Take responsibility!!!! What a concept!
08/08/2013 3:44PM
Confidential to right wingers
If you're going to criticize the state of education, your poor spelling and grammar tends to undermine your premise.
08/08/2013 4:23PM
Common sense
I would like to see teachers teaching, not serving as waiters and waitresses. Parents should be feeding their children breakfast. A box of Cheerios, gallon of milk, and a bunch of bananas will feed a child breakfast for an entire week for less than $10. This could be afforded by almost all parents(s) if it was a priority to them.
08/08/2013 10:07PM
Typical BTF
He wants 'more help'....code for more union dues paying members.
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