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Obama Buffalo Trip Next Week

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN/AP) - U.S. Senator Charles Schumer has confirmed that President Barack Obama's trip through Western New York and Pennsylvania next week will include a trip to Buffalo next  Thursday August 22.

Speaking at an appearance in Cheektowaga Tuesday, Schumer says the Buffalo stop will be the first leg of a presidential bus trip that will also include Syracuse, Binghamton and Scranton Pennsylvania. The trip has not been officially announced by the White House, but several local officials have been told of the president's plans to talk about the economy and building the middle class.

Schumer would not say where exactly the President would be visiting in Western New York, but did say that the area is perfect for Obama's agenda.

"The President's new focus is on jobs and the middle class, and we're an area that's as middle class as it comes" Schumer said. "I think that Buffalo is a great place to start this trip off."

Schumer did suggest one place the President should visit.

"The President stopped at Duff's for chicken wings when he was last here. I'm going to reccomend to him that he visit my friend Charlie the Butcher and have a nice beef on weck when he comes to Buffalo."

Obama is giving a series of speeches around the country on his ideas for building the middle class and boosting the economy.

The trips to prepare for the fall budget debate with Congress have taken him to Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee and Arizona so far.

The president last visited Buffalo in May of 2009 for a visit to a Lovejoy-neighborhood manufacturer and a quick airport session with the family members who lost loved ones aboard the Crash of Flight 3407 in Clarence.  The visit was part of Obama's continuing "White House to Main Street" tour, where he held a town-hall-style event to talk about the economy. (pictured above)

08/13/2013 12:52PM
Obama Buffalo Trip Next Week
Are you excited for the Presidential visit?
08/14/2013 9:25AM
Welcome to Buffalo Mr. President
Keep fighting the good fight. Your opposition is comprised of destructive vandals, bad actors who put party over country; it's good that you're coming to grips with that.
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