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Radford Calls for Buffalo School Merger

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A concerned parent says Buffalo Public Schools has not played by the rules in limiting the number of transfer the district will honor. He believes now is the time to think smaller.

"This school district was not compliant with the law. This past school year, 95 high school students were not moved despite a request and the district said it's because there was nothing to move them to, " says Sam Radford of the District Parent Coordinating Council. "You cannot allow children who are falling behind to continue falling behind. So you must offer the option to transfer to a school in good standing while you turn the school around."

Radford believes it's time for the district to think about mergers. "Fundamentally, the district is too big," notes Radford. "We've seen the district shrink because a lot of our schools have become charter schools." He says the Buffalo Public Schools should follow the model of other charter schools, each of which has a separate board. "They can be responsible for a smaller amount of people, and you'll be more efficient than one board responsible for 34,000 children."

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