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PETA to Wing King: Keep Pregnant Women Out of Wing Eating Contest

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) With the Labor Day Weekend tradition coming soon, PETA is urging the Wing King to keep pregnant women out of one feature of the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

PETA is urging organizer Drew Cerza to prevent pregnant women from competing in the chicken wing eating contest.

PETA cites the latest scientific evidence saying  that the sons of pregnant women who consume chicken are more likely to have smaller penises because of a chemical found in the birds' flesh. And it's not just boys who are at risk from chicken. Babies, including girls, of mothers who have high cholesterol counts—and chicken is loaded with cholesterol—can be born with blocked arteries. 

"Pregnant women may want to think twice before chomping on those chicken wings, or their sons could come up short," says PETA Associate Director of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt. "Chickens may be little animals, but they suffer in a big way before their wings are hacked off for a stupid contest."

The Wing King Drew Cerza declined to comment.

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