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It's Official: UB to Welcome President Obama

(WBEN/AP) The University at Buffalo has confirmed that President Barack Obama's trip to Western New York  will include a stop ti Thursday at the Unviersity.

The trip, part of Obama's upcoming bus tour to Syracuse, Binghamton and Scranton PA, is expected to focus on education issues. 

University at Buffalo Director of Special Events Bill Regan said that he did not know the details of the President's visit, but hoped to have a better idea of the plans by the beginning of next week. Regan said that no official location on campus has been decided to host Obama, but the Alumni Arena seems to be the favorite.

The Alumni Arena could hold about 6,500 spectators for such an event. Another option would be to hold the event at the Center For The Arts main stage, which could hold 1,750. No details on when tickets would be available, or whom they would be available to, are available.

Late Friday morning the University released the following statement from University at Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi

The University at Buffalo is very pleased and proud to host President Obama.  The president’s visit to UB will be a historic occasion for our university and our community, and we are happy to provide a forum for the president to address issues important to our nation.  Fostering a public space for discussing pressing societal issues is vital to our mission as a leading research university focused on advancing the greater public good.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to host such a timely and meaningful conversation here at UB.

“On behalf of the entire Buffalo Niagara region, we look forward to welcoming the President of the United States to our university and our community.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Obama will explain his ideas for reducing costs and improving value.

The White House says Obama will embark on a 2-day bus tour next week, stopping in Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton in New York. He'll also visit northeastern Pennsylvania.

The tour extends Obama's recent effort to refocus on economic issues ahead of looming fiscal fights with Congress. He's discussed infrastructure and housing in other cities.

Obama has said he's planning an aggressive strategy on costs so Americans can get training needed for the rapidly changing economy. A first step came last week when Obama signed a bipartisan bill to restore lower student loan interest rates.


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08/16/2013 1:23PM
It's Official: UB to Welcome President Obama
Do you plan on seeing the President next week?
08/16/2013 3:28PM
Welcome to Buffalo Mr President
And thank you Cumulus for giving Hannity the ol' boot. If we want lies, whining and self-pity there's already plenty of that on WBEN's afternoon drive time.
08/16/2013 3:52PM
UB, of Course
Of course he's going to UB where the liberals will welcome him with open arms he won't have to deal with anyone who disagrees with his policies. Typical.
08/16/2013 5:39PM
Remember when George W Bush came to Kleinhans in 2004?
It was Bunker Time -- all he wanted was money from his elites. Quite the contrast these days. Now we have an adult in the Oval Office.
08/17/2013 9:30PM
Why UB ?
Why not visit the "fruit belt" to tell people how wonderful the economy is. Why go to "fantasy-land" to tell people how good things are in the real world?
08/18/2013 2:49AM
UB, of course? LOL
Yeah, why should Obama talk to an educated crowd when he could instead spend his time trying to reason with people who think he's a Kenyan Muslim bent on destroying America? And those liberals, always hanging around those institutions of higher learning. After all that book learnin', they get these crazy ideas like the world is older than 6,000 years...and isn't flat. What a shame that far-righties are dying off at a much faster pace than they are being created. Imagine all the progress we'll be forced to endure.
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