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"It's Official: UB to Welcome President Obama"
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08/16/2013 1:23PM
It's Official: UB to Welcome President Obama
Do you plan on seeing the President next week?
08/16/2013 3:28PM
Welcome to Buffalo Mr President
And thank you Cumulus for giving Hannity the ol' boot. If we want lies, whining and self-pity there's already plenty of that on WBEN's afternoon drive time.
08/16/2013 3:52PM
UB, of Course
Of course he's going to UB where the liberals will welcome him with open arms he won't have to deal with anyone who disagrees with his policies. Typical.
08/16/2013 5:39PM
Remember when George W Bush came to Kleinhans in 2004?
It was Bunker Time -- all he wanted was money from his elites. Quite the contrast these days. Now we have an adult in the Oval Office.
08/17/2013 9:30PM
Why UB ?
Why not visit the "fruit belt" to tell people how wonderful the economy is. Why go to "fantasy-land" to tell people how good things are in the real world?
08/18/2013 2:49AM
UB, of course? LOL
Yeah, why should Obama talk to an educated crowd when he could instead spend his time trying to reason with people who think he's a Kenyan Muslim bent on destroying America? And those liberals, always hanging around those institutions of higher learning. After all that book learnin', they get these crazy ideas like the world is older than 6,000 years...and isn't flat. What a shame that far-righties are dying off at a much faster pace than they are being created. Imagine all the progress we'll be forced to endure.
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