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Barack Obama

Is Obama's Speech About More Than Education?

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - President Obama's upcoming visit has created a buzz around the University at Buffalo campus, but beyond the chance to see the President, will student's take anything home with them from the event?

James Campbell is the chair of the Political Science department at UB, and says that his students attending the event should be able to learn something.

"It'll be interesting to see what he has to say" said Campbell. "What students will have to learn depends on what the President has to say. It will be interesting just from the standpoint of being able to see a Presidential event first-hand."

The President will be focusing on higher education in his UB speech, but Campbell thinks that President Obama's upcoming Western New York visit may have a greater impact on his Presidency than it will on education.

"I think the President has had a rough second term. He would like to get a positive presentation and sort of push the restart button here and change the public perception of his presidency. Speaking to friendly crowds is one way you can do that."

Keeping that goal in mind, Campbell says students and spectators shouldn't expect Obama to address Western New York Directly. "The event is local in one sense, but it really has a much broader (scope). He's really almost on stage more for that (national) audience more than the local audience."

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08/20/2013 1:22PM
Is Obama's Speech About More Than Education?
Does Obama's appearance serve another purpose?
08/20/2013 3:31PM
Sinister motives?
ACORN? Fast and Furious? Solyndra? Obamaphone? BENGHAZI? Dijon Mustard and arugula lettuce? What would Groundswell say? So much there for faithful obedient FoxNews watchers start whining and pouting!
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