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Extra Police on Hand for Obama Visit

Amherst, NY (WBEN) A presidential visit means increased excitement, but also increased police presence. Cheektowaga and UB Police are preparing with extra manpower.

from The NYS Thruway:

 "Motorists should be prepared for temporary road closures and slow or stopped traffic on the Thruway on Thursday and Friday, August 22 and 23.

At certain times, motorists may be temporarily unable to enter the roadway at some interchanges, or unable to re-enter the roadway from Thruway service plazas and rest areas.

Motorists are advised to proceed with caution at all times."
Cheektowaga will have 15 extra officers on patrol for the brief time President Obama is in the town.

"Cheektowaga Police will man the traffic intersections from the airport to when the presidential motorcade is in Amherst," says Captain Jim Speyer. 

"With the airport in town, we have this every few years or so, where someone comes into town, whether it's the president or vice president or a candidate who has Secret Service protection."

UB Police will assist the Secret Service wtih 50 such officers on hand.

"There's going to be strict security. We'll be helping with the perimeter as well as some security issues inside Alumni Arena, with Secret Service handling most of the security," says UB Asst. Chief of Police  Chris Bartolomei.

"We always anticipate protesters, and we're very fortunate the participants have been civil and cooperative and we hope that will be the case."

Bartolomei concedes there is one more challenge: Thursday is also move-in day at UB.

"We typically have outside contractors helping the move-in crew. We're going to rely on them more heavily and bring more officers to this detail," notes Bartolomei.

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