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Tony Caligiuri and John Zach at Chef's Meatball Eating Contest
Tony Caligiuri and John Zach at Chef's Meatball Eating Contest

Meatball Mayhem at Chef’s - Back story on contest revealed

By now you’ve heard that Entercom Buffalo air personalities—Tony Caligiuri and John Zach from WBEN and Shyguy Shawn from KISS 98.5—competed in Chef’s  Meatball Eating contest yesterday at the venerable restaurant. Each man, including John who sported gloves, competed and chewed hard, but in the end,
Shyguy with a mouthful
 Carl Russo of 97 Rock captured the trophy. Carl downed 11 meatballs in 90 seconds, edging out Ch. 4 anchor Don Postles (10) and Shyguy (9). It’s no coincidence that Chef’s is celebrating 90 years in business.

Now that the bragging rights have been digested, here’s the back story on how the memorable meatball mayhem was cooked up at Lou and Mary Beth Billittier’s eatery.

“When the Billittier family had a discussion on how to best celebrate the 90th anniversary of Chef’s Restaurant, it came soon after the passing of Lou and Mary Beth’s mother, Ann Billittier, who was instrumental in making the restaurant what it is,” explained John DiSciullo, marketing maven for the restaurant. 

Chowing down
 “Some of the discussion talked about tributes and traditional approaches, until it dawned on everyone that this is a celebration.  My idea to stage a meatball eating contest was the result of looking to create a reason for the media to attend a news conference announcing the 90th celebrations – and it turned into a bigger event than ever imagined,” DiSciullo said.  

Next up on the celebration menu? Lou is spearheading the World’s Largest Pasta Dinner on September 11th, which will benefit a charity in the community.
A tip of the chef’s cap to the Billittiers and their staff for shining a light on their iconic restaurant in a fun and creative way and for always lending a helping hand to those in need.
The Trophy

08/21/2013 11:47AM
Meatball Mayhem at Chef’s - Back story on contest revealed
Did you think Tony would win? What’s your favorite dish at Chef’s?
08/21/2013 12:21PM
An honor
I was honored to be invited to help celebrate Chef's 90 years of exellence
08/21/2013 12:45PM
Love the Dandelions...
At Chef's,it is a treat to find something different like the dandelion salad. Love that and the zucchini salad. You can soak all the juices up with that wonderful Italian bread.
08/23/2013 12:47PM
Congrats on 90 years of Excellence....but.
Love Chefs....HATE the meatball eating contest Reminds me of The Chicken wing contest...Not for me to watch this at all !
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