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Shooter Drill at Springville High School

Springville, NY (WBEN) There was a heavy police presence outside Springville Griffith Institute's High School Wednesday afternoon. But this time, it was only a drill.

"We simulated what the police and EMS response had in fact, someone entered the school and shot multiple victims," says Erie County Sheriff's Captain Gregory Savage. "The EMS evacuated the victims under the security of our SWAT team, as well as the initial law enforcement response from patrol who would have been first on the scene." Savage says there were three people playing victims as well as two role players representing students and faculty.

Savage says the drill went well. "We came away with a few things we'll need to improve, but everyone worked together well. We got the victims out and there was a successful conclusion," adds Savage.

He notes you don't want to wait until an actual event arrives to test police response. "There are always small issues that come up that you never thought of. Through the training and the drills, you work to resolve them before something actually happening," says Savage.

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