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Expert: Air Force One Will Have Room to Land

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) With an 8,000 foot long runway, Air Force One should be able to land without a hitch Thursday morning, says one aviation expert.

"The 8,000 foot long runway at Buffalo Niagara International Airport is more than adequate to handle Air Force One," says Bob Miller of Bob Miller Flight Training. "That aircraft is equipped for shorter operation, but it's no different than an A320, maybe a bit longer."

Miller says there is one precaution the airport will take. "There's an underpass at the long runway and they'll stop traffic from going there while Air Force One lands and takes off," explains Miller. "Just because they cannot have the general public maneuvering that close to Air Force One. The lighting system is there for that purpose."

Miller says the airspace within 30 miles of the plane will be closed while Air Force One is landing in Buffalo.

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