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Bicyclist Hit by Car in Tonawanda Dies

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) A young bicyclist was rescued by a number of onlookers after he was hit by a car at a busy Tonawanda intersection Thursday afternoon. However, the injuries were too much for the good Samaritans as the 12 year old died.

Town of Tonawanda Police say they are investigating the accident, which took place around 5pm Thursday.

Angelo tells WBEN's Tom Bauerle he was about to make a turn at Sheridan and Delaware when he saw a car hit a young man on a bicycle. "She says he just came in front of her," says Angelo. He cleared the intersection and jumped into action, and was not alone. "It had to be at least a dozen people, everybody, men, women..." described Angelo. "The kid was screaming to help him. When I stood up, people from all over helped him. When we picked up the car, I screamed for someone to drag him out." Angelo says the boy's leg was "bent in half."

Another witness says he saw people running to the scene to rescue the boy. "Half his body was underneath the car," says the witness. "It appears he may have some fractures, but his head and everything looked pretty good."

No word on the bicyclist's condition.

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