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Toddler Tantrum: Notice Meeeee Mr. President, Meeee

(WBEN) When you have an audience with the President of the United States, it's worth making an impression - a concept that this little boy appears to have fully grasped.

The toddler, who has not been identified, dropped to the floor of a cafe, for some attention-grabbing kicking and flailing while President Obama held an informal meeting on Thursday.

Obama, who was meeting with college students and graduates alongside Education Secretary Arne Duncan, appeared not to have noticed the antics at Magnolia’s Deli & Café in Rochester.

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 Lighthearted moments on Obama Trip:

Mayor Who?
President Barack Obama was corrected by an annoyed crowd in Buffalo, New York, today after he flubbed the name of the city's mayor in a speech on the university campus

" Your outstanding mayor, Brian Higgins, is here. Give him a big round of applause,' he said

Some people in the crowd began to applaud, but others began shouting the mayor's actual name - Byron Brown - at Obama.

The President paused (pictured L) , listened to the audience and said "..What? Bryon Brown. Yes. I'm sorry about that.'

AP PhotoPresident Barack Obama poses for a photograph with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, left, and Cuomo's daughters after arriving on Air Force One at Buffalo Niagara International Airport in Buffalo, N.Y., Thursday, . (AP photos/Heather Ainsworth)

Gov. Cuomo's twin  daughters Cara Kennedy Cuomo and Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, start their freshman year at Harvard and Brown, respectively this week. 

The Wall Street Journal says that it's unclear what the President and the  governor’s daughters discussed while on the tarmac, "Mr. Obama did hand Michaela a personal note wishing her a happy birthday, an official said.  She turns 16 on Aug. 26."   READ MORE ON THIS FROM The WSJ

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