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Rumore: Damage is Done Even if Pinnacle Stays Open

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The head of Buffalo's public teachers union says even if Pinnacle Charter School can convince the state to keep it open, parents and children who go there have already suffered significant damage.

"Regardless of whether they stay open for six months or a year, you can't undo the damage the commissioner of the board of Regents has done to the children and the parents of this school," says Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore. "What have they done to these kids' egos, and to the parents at the last minute?"

Rumore says it's another example of the state education commissioner's vendetta. "If you dare to question the commissioner or the board of Regents, they're going to go after you. Regardless of the impact on students or parents," claims Rumore.

Rumore says there's little room if any for transfers from Pinnacle to Buffalo Public Schools. "Buffalo teachers can handle it. No matter what happens, they'll have to hire more staff, etc," says Rumore of the up to 550 students who would have to transfer.

Buffalo Public Schools issued this statement late Monday:

"Pending the outcome of ongoing efforts being made by Pinnacle Charter School, we will reach out to their leadership in order to determine a way in which we can be helpful in identifying placement for the coming school year for those students whose parents have an interest in enrolling them in our schools."

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