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"WBEN Extra: Thruway Tolls & Traffic"
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08/27/2013 12:17PM
Higgins Calls for End of 15 Cent Toll Collection
Would you travel on the Thruway more is the 15 cent toll charge was eliminated?
08/27/2013 12:50PM
eliminate the 15 cent charge
08/27/2013 1:22PM
authority over reach??
How is this the an issue for the Mayor of Buffalo. They don't even know who you are Brian....Good Luck LOL
08/27/2013 3:08PM
What a guy
When I add up, over a one year period, all the taxes, fees and other government schemes to confiscate my money to the tune of about 68% of my income, I really cant get excited about MAYBE getting a 15 cent toll removed. Keep the toll and lose the gas tax. swamp land to sell us?? Just another photo opp.
08/28/2013 2:43AM
Efficiency would be better
Retain the toll, but go to a transponder based system, such as EZ-Pass. The 407-ETR in Toronto area lets you drive onto and off of the toll sections at highway speed. If you don't have a transponder, it snaps a pic of your license plate and mails you a bill. No congestion due to a toll barrier, and a fair way to have people to pay for the roads they use.
08/28/2013 9:27PM
Get rid of the congestion!
It you move the tolls, it would eliminate the congestion across that area during certain times of the day and more importantly during the holiday swings. The toll is a pain in the rear for those unlucky enough to use it on a daily basis. Please move it!
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