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VIDEO: Cell Phone Vigilante Gets Driver To Hang Up.. And Then Some

(CBS) Using your cell phone while driving is extremely dangerous. Everybody should be well aware of that by now. The signs are posted everywhere. The commercials are always on TV. Heck, it's illegal in most states. Check out the video above and see how one driver deals with another who isn't getting the message.

Having a dashboard camera in every car increasingly seems like a good idea -- or at least a reliable source of interesting YouTube videos. Especially when they capture video like this one posted by izhivi.

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In it, a woman in the gray car makes a reckless left turn, completely ignoring oncoming traffic, apparently while talking on her cell phone. She narrowly avoids an accident with a Volkswagen and brings traffic to a halt. The driver of the VW decides to get out of his car and vent his frustrations. And, in an epic display of vigilante justice, he takes her cell phone and smashes it on the asphalt.

I watched this and thought "man, I would love to do that." I think we've all felt that way. Watch traffic for five minutes and I guarantee you're gonna find somebody on their phone -- a "distracted driver.

" It's enough to drive you crazy. At the same time, a lot of us have been guilty on one occasion or another. You know, stones and glass houses and other proverbs. Can we get the better of this potentially deadly problem? Or is it just a price we pay for living in our cell phone-saturated society?

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08/28/2013 10:44AM
VIDEO: Cell Phone Vigilante Gets Driver To Hang Up.. And Then Some
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08/28/2013 12:50PM
Cell phone moron
08/28/2013 3:41PM
cell phone tuff guy
He would be a dead man, if he tryed to do that to me.
08/29/2013 8:00AM
Wow... You'd kill someone for smashing your cellphone?
08/29/2013 8:48AM
cell phone drama
he might of saved her life i love it!cell phone more important than a dead man ? i hope you get yours taking away cell phone tuff guy. NOT suppose to be cell phone and driving Period!
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