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Cuomo Announces Aid Delivery

Lockport, NY (WBEN) - Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Lockport today to announce that disaster relief has been issued today to 1,206 homeowners, renters, and businesses who were affected by flooding across New York State, including those in Niagara County affected by the June 28th floods.

In total, 281 homeowners in Niagara County will recieve almost $2 million in disaster relief from the state. Twenty-four renters, seven small businesses, and one farm in Niagara County will also be receiving aid.

"The state government worked, it worked well, it brought assistance to people, did it efficiently and effectively, and that's what it's all about" said Cuomo.

Cuomo said that it was an "extraordinary" project for the State, because disaster relief is typically handled by the federal government. Because of this, he says that citizens of Niagara Falls who were hit by floods in early July should not neccessarily expect the same type of relief.

"To the extent we can we will help," said Cuomo, "but as a general rule, the federal government pays for disaster assistance. We don't have the funds, literally. Funding disasters is a federal responsibility."

Cuomo was previously in Lockport on July 23rd to announce the relief project.

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