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Making Lunch Healthier for Kids

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As the new school year begins, the age-old question comes up: what's for lunch? For many parents, it's a balance of what will the kids eat and what's good for them.

Heidi Polek with Tops Friendly Markets, suggests swapping out less nutritious snacks with healthier choices. "Instead of chips, give them cheese sticks. They'll give them the nutrition they need," says Polek. Instead of juice boxes, "I'm gonna swap out the juice for water and give them an apple," suggests Polek. That way, kids will get fruity flavor as well as a healthier drink.

Color is key, too. "Adding lettuce, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables with a lot of color will give kids lots of nutrients," says Polek. "The more colorful the lunch, the healthier it will be."

Polek also suggests letting the kids take part in the cooking process, since it will give them a feeling they have a say in what they eat.

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